London River House
Royal Pier Road
Kent DA12 2BG
Tel: (01474) 562200
Fax: (01474) 562281

Chief Financial Officer
Julie Tankard

Chief Harbour Master
Bob Baker

Director of Corporate Affairs
Alistair Gale

Director of Human Resources
Glenn Witham

Director of Planning and Environment
James Trimmer

Director of Marine Operations
Peter Steen

Head of Property
John Ball

Harbour Master (Lower)
Cathryn Spain

Harbour Master (VTS & SMS)
Simon Phillips

Commercial Development Manager
Glenda Frost

Pilotage Administration
Dave Newbury
Tel: (01474) 562362
Fax: (01474) 562378

Pilotage Operations
Tel: (01474) 562333
Fax: (01474) 352996

Duty Port Controller

Tel: (01474) 560311
Fax: (01474) 352996

Port Hydrographer
John Dillon-Leetch
Tel: (01474) 562210
Fax: (01474) 562314

Pinnacle House
23-26 St Dunstan’s Hill
London EC3R 8HN
Tel: (01474) 562200

Chief Executive
Robin Mortimer
Harbour Master (Upper)
Mark Towens
Harbour Master
(Thames Tideway Tunnel)
Terry Lawrence

Marine House
Denton Wharf
Mark Lane
Kent DA12 2PL
Tel: (01474) 562444
Fax: (01474) 562403
Marine Services Manager
Jim Denby

Thames Barrier
Navigation Centre
Unit 28
34 Bowater Road
London SE18 5TF
Tel: (020) 8855 0315
Fax: (020) 8854 7422
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