C RO Ports London Ltd

The C Ro Ports London Ltd Ro-Ro terminal at Purfleet handles cars and trailers in conventional Ro-Ro style as well as handling containers by using two rubber tyred gantry cranes and a fleet of reachstackers and other ancillary port equipment.


Annual throughput at the 90-acre site is around 200,000 containers, 250,000 trailers and 250,000 cars.

C Ro Ports is a division of shipping group CLdN. Its sister company, the European shortsea ro-ro specialist CLdN ro-ro SA, runs three daily ro-ro ferry sailings each way between Purfleet and Zeebrugge and nine weekly sailing’s between Purfleet and Rotterdam.

In 2017, CLdN welcomed the 8,000 lane metre Celine, the first vessel in a series of ‘super ro-ros’, built at the Hyundai Shipyard in Korea. The new ships’ innovative design offers flexible deck configuration, enabling them to cater for a mix of trailers, containers, high and heavy cargoes, cars, vans and trucks.

C Ro Ports London, which invested heavily in replacement pontoon and linkspan infrastructure five years ago, has expanded again to cater for the larger vessels.

C RO Ports London is on the north side of the Thames, close to the QEII Bridge and the M25 motorway. Just-in-time operations are becoming more and more important for its customers and the terminal focuses on providing the best vehicle turnround times possible in order to protect delivery schedules.

The terminal has 800 trailer bays, along with spaces for 800 container/tank units and 6000 cars. There are two working berths all dredged to eight metres, an in-house engineering workshop and a transit shed. The terminal is rail linked, with its own sidings accommodating both container and car traffic.

An on-site pre-delivery inspection (PDI) and vehicle enhancement centre prepares cars for customer delivery plus a range of services, including the installation of navigation systems, security system upgrades, racking, painting, body kits and spoilers.

Among the manufacturers using Purfleet to transport vehicles are General Motors (Vauxhall and Opel), BMW, Mercedes and Tesla.

C RO London Ltd Purfleet
London Road, Purfleet,
Essex RM19 1RP
Tel: (01708) 865522

Joost Rubens, Director
Email: Joost.RUBENS@croports.com
Tel: (01708) 865522
Barry Day, Terminal Manager
Email: barry.day@croports.com
Tel: (01708) 865522
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2 Ro-Ro Berths each 200+ metres long.
(Stern ramp onto floating Pontoon).
1 Lay-by berth 175 metres.
New build vessels handled on both
upper and lower berths.

Depth of Water
13.38 metres MHWS
(6.8 metres at Chart Datum).

3 x 40-tonne - Rubber tyred gantry
cranes (within Terminal).

Terminal Equipment
31 Terminal tractors
4 x 45-tonne Reachstackers
2 x 45-tonne Combilift
Various Forklifts 1 x 32-tonne
1 x 40-tonne mobile crane attachment
for Reachstacker

Within minutes of the M25 and A13.
Two double rail sidings with direct entry
to the main Railtrack network.

HM Revenue & Customs Sufferance
Fully approved (except Tobacco, Frozen
Meat, Fresh Meat, Chilled Meat).
Customs office within the terminal open
(office hours) Monday through to
Saturday (inclusive).

Cargo Accommodation
90 acres available for handling/storage
of Trailers/Tanktainers/Containers/
Swapbodies and Automobiles.
Space on terminal for 800 trailers,
650 containers/ tanks and 6,000 cars.
Covered transhipment/restow area of
3,000 square metres.
38 Plug-in facilities for temperature
controlled cargoes.
Automobile enhancement/PDI facility.
Fully Computerised Terminal Location

C RO Ports Dartford Ltd

The C RO Ports Dartford Ltd terminal, on the south side of the Thames and just minutes from the QEII Bridge. The site is 45 acres and has two berths dredged to 11 metres.

C RO Ports Dartford Ltd
London Road, Purfleet,
Essex RM19 1RP
Tel: (01708) 865522

Joost Rubens
Email: Joost.RUBENS@croports.com
Tel: (01708) 865522
Map reference 40

2 Deep water Ro-Ro Berths.
Each berth can take vessels up to
236 metres in length.

Depth of Water
17.66 metres MHWS
(11.1 metres at Chart Datum).

London Gateway Port Ltd
No1 London Gateway

Essex SS17 9DY
Tel: (01375) 648300
Email: lgcommunications@dpworld.com

Mr James Leeson,
Port Commmercial Manager
Email: james.leeson@dpworld.com
Tel: (01375) 648346
Mr Andy Browning,
Supply Chain Manager
Email: andy.browning@dpworld.com
Tel: (01375) 648608
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3 deepwater berths (expanding to 6).

1,400 metres (expanding to
2,700 metres).

Deep-sea container terminal close to
major cargo centres. Portcentric
warehousing with Europe’s largest
logistics park adjacent to the port.

17 metres Berth pockets.

ISO 14001 Certified.

HM Revenue & Customs
Comprehensive HMRC offices and staff
on site with full examination facilities

Other facilities
Bunkering permitted through shipping

Independent manned guarding service
fully compliant with ISPS.

Ford Motor Company

About 800,000 diesel engines were manufactured in 2017 at Ford’s Dagenham Engine Plant, production is planned to increase further in 2018. The vast majority are shipped from Ford’s Dagenham Jetty to the company’s vehicle assembly plants throughout Europe.

To support power train and vehicle manufacture, the Dagenham Jetty handles 50,000 trailer movements per year between the UK and continental Europe. In addition to freight, more than 250,000 finished Ford vehicles are imported, with a further 10,000 third party vehicles exported to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

On behalf of Ford, Cobelfret operates vessels on the Dagenham /Vlissingen service, with two arrivals into Dagenham per day. As well as handling Ford’s own business, the Dagenham Jetty moves third party business. Trailers are shipped for a variety of customers, as Cobelfret and Ford look to maximise both shipping and port operations.

Although Ford operates its own in-house freight forwarding department, it remains committed to seeking additional third party freight business and any opportunity to export finished vehicles to the continent for other UK-based manufacturers.

PLA Ford

Ford Motor Company Ltd

Transport Operations,
Dagenham, Essex RM9 6SA
Tel: (020) 8526 2710
Fax: (020) 8526 1758

Kris Moulsdale,
Manager Jetty Operations
Email: kmoulsda@ford.com
Tel: (020) 8526 2710
Fax: (020) 8526 1758
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1 Ro-Ro berth.

241 metres.

Depth of Water
11.45 metres MHWS
(6.4 metres at Chart Datum).

Cargo Accommodation
Trailer parks.
Car parks.

Thames Avenue from A13.
HM Revenue & Customs Sufferance
PACE plus full T1 Clearance.
Unaccompanied trailers -
Ford Motor Company Components and
Third Party vehicles.

Annual Volumes
25,000 trailers imported,
25,000 trailers exported,
290,000 cars imported,
22,000 cars exported.

2 Ro-Ro sailings per day
to/from Vlissingen.
Vessels owned and operated by
Cobelfret Ferries - Service is under
contract with Ford Motor Company
Agents: Cobelfret Ferries UK Ltd