Kimberly-Clark imports wood pulp for its own use and for third parties through the Northfleet Terminal near Gravesend.

About 75,000 tonnes of wood pulp is imported through the facility each year for processing into paper products at Kimberly-Clark’s adjacent Northfleet Mill manufacturing plant, which produces Andrex bathroom tissue. Enquiries for third party handling are welcome, although capacity is currently limited.

Having successfully handled some third party shipments of aggregates in the past two years, the terminal welcomes further enquiries. The terminal also provides short-term layby facilities for third party vessels.

PLA Forest Products

Kimberly Clark Ltd
Northfleet Terminal

Crete Hall Road, Northfleet,
Kent DA11 9AD
Tel: Admin desk (01474) 336304 or
Supervisor (01474) 336314
Fax: (01474) 336303

Greg Marshman, Wharf Supervisor
Tel: (01474) 336314
Fax: (01474) 336303

Operations Desk
Tel: (01474) 336304
Fax: (01474) 336303
Map reference 49

1 Deep Water Jetty.
1 Barge Bay.

187.45 metres.
Maximum length of ship that can be
moored 183 metres.

Depth of Water
15.66 metres MHWS
(9.3 metres at Chart Datum).

Cargo Accommodation
Open storage area -
9,000 square metres.
800 square metres warehouse.

Close to A2 (Pepper Hill interchange),
20 minutes from Dartford Crossing (M25).

HM Revenue & Customs Sufferance
Approval for Forest Products
(Wood pulp and Lumber).

Handling, storage and distribution of
wood pulp for Kimberly-Clark Limited
and Third Party Customers.


Seacon specialises in the carriage and handling of forest products from the near continent, by offering customers a ‘mill to delivered’ service. The company operates 2,000-ton coasters, its own forest products terminal at Tower Wharf, Northfleet, and a dedicated haulage fleet based on site.

Forest products represent about 25% of the cargo throughput at Tower Wharf, where over 20,000 square metres of warehousing is available for these commodities. The terminal is equipped for handling all forest products and enjoys excellent road links to the A2 and M25.

Seacon has specifically developed trade with paper customers by working in close collaboration with other covered terminal operators on the continent.

In 2018, Seacon will start work on an expansion of its Tower Wharf site, and it is also investing in its haulage fleet, terminal equipment and security fencing. This will open up opportunities for handling building products and serving key construction projects in the area.

Seacon Terminals Ltd
Tower Wharf

Tower Wharf, Northfleet,
Kent DA11 9BD
Tel: (01474) 320000
Fax: (01474) 329945

James Roth, Chairman
Tel: (01474) 320000
Fax: (01474) 329945
Russell Lennon, Asset Manager
Tel: (01474) 320000
Fax: (01474) 329945
Map reference 45

2 - (1 covered).

Vessels up to 200 metres.

Depth of Water
17.61 metres MHWS
(11.2 metres at Chart Datum).

3 x 40-tonne gantry cranes operating on
covered berth.
2 x 20-tonne harbour mobile crane on
main jetty.
Mobile cranes up to 500-tonnes.

Cargo Accommodation
32,700 square metres of covered
storage space. 22 acre site.
2,200 square metres temperature
controlled warehouse for sensitive
products/operations, i.e. unwrapping.

Well located for national distribution
being only approximately two miles from
the M25 allowing ease of access from
the berth to the UK motorway network.

Full range of forklifts and clamps for
handling steel products, non-ferrous
metals and forest products. Container
ramps for stuffing and unstuffing

HM Revenue & Customs Sufferance
Approved Customs warehouse allowing
for the deferment of VAT and Duty on
goods in store.

Seacon arranges distribution for all
products utilising its fleet of modern units
and specialist trailers for the relevant
commodities. In addition, Seacon
arranges haulage in collaboration with its
national network of sub-contractors to
all parts of the UK and Eire with short
notice and just in time requirements
being a speciality.