Port of London Authority Chief Executive

Robin Mortimer

Ports are dynamic – they change to meet demand, they evolve with patterns of trade. Picking the port partners who embrace this level of flexibility is essential and that’s what you’ll find on the Thames.

In fact, what you find on the Thames is flexibility, backed by substantial and continued investment. Investment by terminal operators as they commission new facilities or upgrade existing ones.

Investment by shipping lines as they bring new ships into service. And investment by the public sector in the essential infrastructure to connect you to the market, quickly.

All this is on the doorstep of the UK’s largest city and a vibrant city region. Just the simple maths of the market make London stack up. A population growing from more than eight million people today, to over 11 million by 2050. Every one of whom needs food, fuel and life’s essentials – much of which is moved by sea and river.

Our job at the PLA is to help you make connections if you’re new to the port, finding the right partner for your new cargo or service. We are also committed to delivering the best customer experience, whether through consistent high quality pilotage services, advice on future projects or licensing of operations.

We’re working to create a thriving port and a thriving environment. That’s why at the start of last year we introduced the UK’s first port charges discount for environmentally cleaner ships. And by the end of the year we’d published a draft Air Quality Strategy for the Thames too.

If you’re looking for a flexible port, a port with modern facilities, a sustainable port on the doorstep of the UK’s biggest consumer market, the Thames is the place to be.

This Port Handbook gives you a flavour of much of the work we have in hand. If you want to find out more and explore opportunities on the Thames, please get in touch.

Robin Mortimer Chief Executive PLA

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