Port of London Authority Chief Executive

Robin Mortimer

Standing back and looking at how the Port of London is developing, I am struck by a number of things that define our port: strong investment; growth; flexible facilities; and proximity to market. We should also be proud that along with excellent economic prospects, we are ensuring London is a friendly place for seafarers, without whom there would be no trade.

Last year saw port trade growth as we reached 53.2 million tonnes. This is up from 45.5 million tonnes just three years ago. Trade increases in the intervening years have flowed from substantial and ongoing investment in facilities along the Thames.

This investment – across trades from containers to sugar, fuels to aggregates – means that terminals on the river offer some of the most modern facilities you will find. With investment set to continue, and a growing population to serve, we expect trade growth to be sustained, in line with our Thames Vision goal to reach between 60 and 80 million tonnes by 2035.

PLA investment has been flowing too, particularly in our pilotage service, so that we are well set to deliver good customer service and experience.

As a port, we also offer the largest and most capable inland waterways freight operations in the UK. Last year more than four million tonnes of goods were moved by river. Prospects for growth here also look positive. Investment is bringing wharves back into port use for inland freight and innovation could see new goods moved by river too.

We want to be a friendly and welcoming port. In the last few years we have supported progressive improvements to the Tilbury Seafarers’ Centre and similar work has been done at London Gateway’s centre. This means seafarers’ often brief stay in port can provide a welcome break and opportunity to recharge before departure.

If you’re looking at port operations in London and on the Thames for the first time, to expand your existing facilities or to find new facilities on the river, do please get in touch and we’ll help make it happen

Robin Mortimer Chief Executive PLA

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